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Created: Feb 28, 2024 07:59 AM

Jason Hayward touted some of the Government’s achievements during his address in Dubai (Photograph supplied)

Jason Hayward, the Minister of Economy and Labour, has told an international gathering there is a need for inspirational leaders to guide the Black community during times of crisis.

Mr Hayward made his remarks yesterday during a speech opening the Global Black Impact Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The conference is hosted by the Black Impact Foundation and organised by Energy Capital and Power “to unite the global Black community towards a common goal of advancing connections, strengthening investment and improving the livelihoods of Black individuals worldwide”.

According to press reports, Mr Hayward told delegates: “True liberation and empowerment can only be achieved through collective progress. We must find a way to uplift the entire community.”

The Vulankunga website reported that Mr Hayward said the Government “had taken proactive measures to tackle systemic challenges”.

The report added that Mr Hayward was able to cite “concrete examples, such as the significant reduction in youth unemployment from 33 per cent to 11 per cent”.

“The administration has also been committed to increasing social and labour protections, implementing minimum wage laws and making strategic investments in housing and healthcare,” the article stated.

Mr Hayward was quoted as telling the audience: “These efforts reflect Bermuda’s steadfast dedication to fostering inclusive growth and prosperity for all its citizens, especially within the Black community.”

According to the article, Mr Hayward also “reflected on his leadership journey”.

The article went on: “He shared key lessons learnt, including the importance of leading from the front, establishing clear visions and building highly motivated teams. He also emphasised the need to trust team members and focus on continuous development while upholding principles.”

Mr Hayward said: “Together, let us rise, let us celebrate. It is not just a dream — it is a reality. Let us never lose sight of justice and equality”.

In a preview of this week’s summit, Mr Hayward was billed as a leader who brought “a unique perspective“ to the event.

An article in African Business said: “His background in the economic and national accounts division of the Department of Statistics, coupled with his leadership roles in prominent unions, equips him with insights into labour relations, economic development and community advocacy.”

The Black Impact Foundation said that the event would be “transformational”.

A statement on its website said: “This year’s summit promises to be even more impactful and inspiring than before, with an expanded line-up of speakers, new networking opportunities and cutting-edge topics that reflect the ever-evolving needs and challenges of the global Black community.

“At GBIS 2024, focus will largely be placed on building a global Black community, uniting individuals worldwide, improving awareness of power and connection and creating new avenues for growth and societal change.”

The Royal Gazette e-mailed the Government’s Department of Communications yesterday requesting a copy of Mr Hayward’s speech.

A government spokesman replied: “Minister Hayward is scheduled to deliver a Keynote address at the Global Black Impact Summit while participating in Salt Investopedia 2024. Additionally, he will engage in discussions on economic development with several agencies and government officials, including the Investment Corporation of Dubai.

“During his visit, minister Hayward plans to meet with the Emirates Family Office Association to promote Bermuda’s updated Family Office Framework. Following his trip, he intends to release a comprehensive press statement detailing the outcomes of his engagements and discussions.”

Mr Hayward is the fourth member of the Cabinet to travel to the Middle East on government business in the past three months.

In December, David Burt, the Premier and Minister of Finance, attended the Abu Dhabi Finance Week conference, which was immediately followed by the COP28 summit in Dubai.

Walter Roban, the Minister of Home Affairs and Deputy Premier, also attended COP28.

Mr Burt was back in Dubai again this month representing Bermuda at the Satoshi Roundtable conference.

Finally, Kim Wilson, the Minister of Health, was in Dubai for four days this month to represent Bermuda at the World Government Summit.


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