Cumbrian leadership group wins ‘Inspiring People’ award


The ‘Inspiring People’ award spotlights the way the non-profit organisation motivates its own team, as well as its influence over companies throughout Cumbria.

CforLP guides these businesses in upgrading directors, managers and employees so they can maximise their own performance, aspire to success and grow both personally and professionally.

CforLP devotes its efforts to ‘Develop Cumbria’s Leaders for Today and Tomorrow’, working closely with educators, corporations, and the younger generation to come up with, build and enact schemes that enhance aspirations, kindle ambitions, and expands leadership skillset spanning from primary school to retirement.

They believe in crafting an inclusive, lifelong leadership journey for all.

CforLP executive director, Sarah Glass, said: “Inspiring people is not just a feel-good initiative; it’s a strategic imperative for businesses aiming for long-term success.

“By cultivating a collaborative culture, empowering teams, engaging with stakeholders, investing in people, and measuring impact, organisations can create an environment that fosters leadership, innovation, and collective success.

“The ‘Inspiring People’ award is not simply just for CforLP, it is recognition for the collaboration and partnerships with all the businesses and educational institutions across Cumbria that enable us to succeed.”

CforLP has offered advice to businesses on how to inspire their teams, as well as the communities they serve.

Create an inclusive culture

This entails creating an inclusive atmosphere, beginning from the recruitment phase, which resonates with shared values and embraces flexible working models.

This arrangement encourages a collaborative culture that celebrates diversity and leverages a wealth of viewpoints to tackle challenges and promote innovation.

Empower and trust your team

The organisation also champions trust and empowerment within teams.

Avoiding micro-management and instead encouraging individuals to be completely responsible for their work and making them understand the bigger picture adds to their sense of worth, fostering an environment of job satisfaction and positive work ethics.

Engage with stakeholders

Working with a network of partners helps to diversify thought and celebrate successes.

Sharing learning and insights with the broader community fosters a culture of transparency and collaboration.

Invest in people

CforLP is firm in its belief in investing in people by facilitating regular team meetings, skill development sessions, and networking opportunities.

Mentoring and coaching opportunities for personal and professional growth will foster a culture of continuous learning.

Measure impact

The organisation also holds impact measurement in high regard.

Clear performance metrics enable businesses to refine and improve their strategies over time.

Developing social impact measures linked to core values enable organisations to adapt and improve continually based on feedback and results.

For those interested in joining CforLP in inspiring Cumbria’s future workforce, visit for further details on volunteer opportunities or on how to contribute to or fund the vital work.


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