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Lucknow: Under the ongoing fourth phase of Mission Shakti, the Panchayati Raj department has tied up with the Centre for Catalyzing Change to provide training to 26,000 newly elected women pradhans.
This campaign is aimed at “strengthening women’s leadership and promote gender equality in the community” and will constitute modules on development related issues, leadership skills and sustainable development goals.
Under the two-day programme, the trainers will focus on addressing specific needs to women leaders, especially those who are completely new to leadership positions. Calling it a first of its kind campaign, a government spokesperson said that the aim behind such a programme was to help develop necessary skills among the women leaders to handle their work and the community and, therefore, had the requisite knowledge of issues and laws.
“In the course of the training the pradhans will learn about their administrative responsibilities, village secretariat arrangements, operation of public service centres and other issues related to village development. They will learn how to prepare a blueprint for the overall development of the village and how to present it to officials for implementation. Another area of focus will be on monitoring of health, nutrition and sanitation services,” said an official.
Manoj Singh, additional chief secretary, Panchayati Raj, said that while women are often more aware of the overall development of the village, basic amenities and family health, it was necessary to help finetune this mindset of female village leaders to empower them to fulfil their responsibilities. “The initiative is a positive step towards promoting women leadership in local governance and gender equality. It may serve as a model for similar programmes in other regions or states. Discussions on the outcomes and best practices could benefit women leadership development across India,” he said.
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