San Antonio’s Bar Yadin Family Foundation’s bold commitment to leadership development


(September 12, 2023 / JNS)

The leadership of Jewish National Fund-USA and the Bar Yadin Family Foundation, led by Reuben, Deborah, and Tzipora Bar Yadin, have reinforced their commitment to inspiring the future leaders of the Jewish world through a new partnership. Over the next three years, the Foundation will sponsor the leadership training initiatives for JNFuture, the fastest growing Jewish National Fund-USA donor society, for 22-40 year-olds. The organization’s leadership programs include the JNFuture Leadership Institute Mission (JLIM), JNFuture Leadership Institute Summit (JLIS), and the L’Atid Leadership Development Program. These prestigious leadership training opportunities prepare the next generation of Jewish young professionals to have a positive impact on their communities, the Jewish world, and beyond.

Speaking about the San Antonio-based family foundation’s philanthropic support, Reuben Bar Yadin shared, “I’m a big proponent of focusing on the next generation and Jewish continuity while connecting young people to Israel so this is a perfect partnership. We see ourselves as Jewish venture capitalists. We’re investing in the Jewish future and we’re hoping to strengthen the land and people of Israel. As a passionate Jew and a passionate Zionist, this partnership with JNFuture just makes sense.”

JNFuture Local chapters engage in social and educational programming and provide leadership opportunities for young professionals. A select few JNFuture members are invited to take part in leadership training opportunities to strengthen their skills and their connection to Israel. Michele Rabinovich, the Associate Director, JNFuture, said, “We are so grateful to the Bar Yadin Family Foundation for supporting the next three years of JNFuture leadership. Together we are building the next generation of Jewish philanthropists and the future looks bright!” JLIM participant Aly Robinson shared what the experience means to her, saying, “I need to step up and represent my generation. I need to be an advocate for Israel and Jewish National Fund-USA gives me that platform. [Our generation] needs to step up and be ‘positively Israel!” Said Chayla Furlong, Jewish National Fund-USA Director, Central Texas, “We are thrilled to partner with The Bar Yadin Foundation on building the next generation of Jewish leaders. We are grateful for their continued support and ongoing partnership in San Antonio and beyond and are inspired by their commitment to Zionism and philanthropy.” 

As for why they chose to support JNFuture, Reuben explained that he sees travel to and connection to Israel as vital for the next generation of Jewish leadership, saying, “We are creating the next generation of leaders through this program who will impact their communities, and I want more people to be involved. If we can lower the hurdle to Israel experiences in any way, then we want to do that. We need more young people to hold on to their Jewish roots proudly and confidently with their heads held high. These young adults volunteer their time to have these experiences, and if you speak with them, you leave impressed. They give me hope for the future.”


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