One month to go until Share’s Inspiring Leadership Conference!

One month to go until Share’s Inspiring Leadership Conference!

Next month will see inspiring and aspiring leaders from across the housing sector and beyond come together at Share’s popular Inspiring Leadership Conference.

This year’s conference is an excellent opportunity for people to come together and build relationships with peers, whilst gaining advice and support.

The event will focus on some of the challenges all leaders face, including:

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Building resilience within teams
  • Shaping organisational culture
  • Developing leadership skills within staff progressing through their career
  • Inspiring the leaders of the future
    …and much more!

Share have a host of experienced speakers sharing their expertise and presenting at the conference, including:

  • Gary Meek, CEO of Blue Triangle Housing Association, who brings transformative leadership honed through diverse roles, including his tenure as CEO of Glasgow Council on Alcohol. Gary has a passion for social impact, spearheading initiatives tackling homelessness and addiction, driving positive change in communities. His strategic vision fosters collaboration, leveraging resources to provide vital support services and housing solutions. Gary will open the conference with a keynote on ‘Transformative leadership and social impact.’
  • Ann Johnson, Managing Director of Blaze Manufacturing Solutions, whose keynote will hear about her discuss her career from being an original founder and managing director of Blaze to having recently won the prestigious ‘Inspiring leader of the year’ at the 2023 Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) Awards. Ann has promised some funny stories along the way in her leadership journey!
  • Gordon Robertson, Founder of godobe training, whose aim is to deliver interactive, impactful and most of all engaging and fun learning events. Since being established in 2002, Gordon has successfully worked with various organisations including Hilton, TUCO and the Scottish Football Association. Gordon will speak about ‘Imposter syndrome’ and provide tips on how to navigate it.
  • Hony Premlal, Founder and CEO of Hony Premlal Consultancy, and Chair for Eldon Housing Association and WISH (Women in Social Housing) London, will cover the ‘Building a Thriving Workplace: Strategies for Fostering a Positive Organisational Culture’ workshop. Hony will discuss current housing sector challenges and strategies to navigate them effectively through communication and collaboration, leadership approaches suited for a hybrid work environment, fostering a positive culture within an organisation and more.
  • Lynn Kelly, Development Director (Scotland) at Common Purpose, will deliver a workshop around ‘Leading with a difference.’ Common Purpose develops leaders who can cross social and cultural boundaries, enabling them to solve complex problems both at work and in society. Lynn believes strong collaborations that develop people and relationships are vital to achieving any goal.
  • Joanne Taylor, Managing Director from AQR Consulting, will facilitate a workshop on ‘Building resilience in your team – when one size doesn’t fit all.’ Specialising in mental toughness training and coaching, Joanne empowers her clients to recognise and seize the opportunities that come their way. Her work spans various sectors, including social housing, charities, and education, where she focuses on improving performance through tailored people solutions.
  • Emma Willey founding Director of the ACS Group of Companies, will deliver the ‘Empowering Leaders: Mentorship and Lasting Inspiration for Change Management and Beyond’ workshop. In 2004, Emma and her husband survived the Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand, which led to her developing PTSD. Her recovery journey sparked an interest in wellbeing, and she now helps trauma survivors using a complementary therapy system.. Emma’s mission is to drive practical and effective changes in workplace wellbeing.
  • Martin Johnstone from At the Edge, will close the conference with a keynote on ‘Hosting leadership’ which will include thinking on curious leadership and humble leadership, and how it reflects both a particular style of leadership (that of host rather than hero) and how leadership is so often about enabling the leadership of others.

As you can see, you won’t want to miss out on this packed line up. It is shaping up to be a great day looking at how to inspire and get the best from your teams, and the lessons to be learned in leadership.

Book your spot by clicking here, or alternatively email [email protected] to secure your spot.

Should you be interested in sponsorship/exhibitor opportunities email Rachel McKinnon, Events and Commercial Officer, at [email protected].


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