The Custom-Trained AI Helps Top-Tier Marketers Spark Creative “Lightbulb” Moments; Reduces Time, Money, and Effort From Concept to Campaign Launch

Beyond marketing, product demonstrates capabilities to spark potential of human creativity

CLEVELAND, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MKHSTRY today announced the launch of its new patent-pending creative ideation engine, MKHSTRY AI, developed by marketing industry innovator, Jeff Charney. The new AI will be an industry first-mover, proving that not only can you train an AI to be creative, but you can also harness that creativity to launch bold, large-scale, national marketing campaigns long considered the heart of the $350 billion industry.

The time, money, and effort it takes to develop national marketing campaigns – especially premium advertising like that seen during the Super Bowl each year – is enormous. If you start with the wrong creative concept, it can lead to a campaign that doesn’t resonate with consumers and runs its course in far less time than it took to develop it.

MKHSTRY’s team spent the past year laser-focused on building, refining, and training the patent-pending MKHSTRY AI to think and act like a creative Fortune 500 CMO. This is a key distinction of the product because it’s largely developers, not marketers, who built many of today’s marketing-centric AI tools. No other AI engine available today is trained by a top CMO.

The CMO mind behind MKHSTRY AI is former Brand CMO of the Year, Jeff Charney, now CEO of MKHSTRY. In launching the new AI, Charney draws upon his experience creating and/or leading established campaigns and characters like Progressive’s ‘Flo’ (16 years in market) and ‘Dr. Rick’ (8 years in market), and the ‘Aflac duck’ (24 years in market) – as well as many other iconic national launches. Charney stepped away from his decades-long run as a Fortune 500 CMO to focus on solving challenges he observed in the industry, dedicating himself to building disruptive marketing creativity and technology solutions for the world’s bravest leaders and brands. 

The training involves teaching the AI to know the difference between great creative campaign concepts that resonate and those that do not. This will help users trigger their own “lightbulb” moments in a fraction of the time. From there, its smart UX keeps campaigns moving with features like AI-driven workshopping. The result is a trainable, creative engine that gets better, stronger, and more intuitive as users work with it over time, reducing many of the countless steps required to take an idea from concept to launch.

“I love this industry and am committed to doing whatever it takes for it to continue to thrive. Our product stands out from the overcrowded AI pack by being laser-focused on what we know is the most important word in marketing – CREATIVITY – specifically igniting that big idea spark that has always been the catalyst for historic campaigns,” Charney said. “Without that initial creative and conceptual domino falling strategically into place, all the research, design, packaging, promotion, and media placement in the world – no matter how great – will never be fully realized.”

In addressing the scalability of MKHSTRY AI, Charney concluded, “Light-bulb moments are what power human ingenuity. Today, our ideation engine is focused on marketing, but ultimately our same engine that sparks new creative marketing ideas can be used to spark any type of new idea, from business models to new products – even ideas for future AIs. The scale is quite literally limitless.”

MKHSTRY AI is now rolling out to an existing slate of MKHSTRY consultancy clients and select brands. The product is described by early users as a breakthrough tool for top-tier decision-makers looking for just the right combination of HI (Human Intelligence) to drive AI. Early results show it shifts brainstorming time from days to minutes and enables that creative “moment of truth” to be realized in a week versus months. This feedback exactly matches the product’s aspirations.

After reviewing the results of its initial client testing, MKHSTRY will decide when and how it will expand access – either on a broader invitation-only basis to companies or to the general consumer market. Top-tier marketers looking for early access can learn more and sign up at


MKHSTRY launched in 2022 as a disruptive, invite-only national marketing collective. In 2024, the brand launched MKHSTRY AI, the nation’s first-mover creative ideation engine that proves you can train an AI to be creative and harness that creativity to launch large-scale, national marketing campaigns. For more, go to

Additional Information About Jeff Charney

Charney is one of the nation’s most accomplished marketers, having been CMO for brands including Progressive, Aflac, QVC, and (formally He was also one of the only CMOs to champion internal creative agencies and media teams (at high-spending velocity) before it was trendy to do so. He also has been a speaker and thought leader on disruptive technology. He and his teams have received over 100 national and international marketing and creative awards. Charney was named “Brand Genius: Top Marketer of the Year” by Adweek Magazine in 2011 and Ad Age’s “Brand CMO of the Year” a decade later in 2021. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Investor’s Exchange (IEX), Unify Work, Cann-Ade, and the Mobile Marketing Association. He also received Alumni of the Year awards from Ohio State University in 2022 and the University of South Carolina in 2023. For more, go to

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