Dragon’s Den 2024: Fostering Entrepreneurial Excellence at DCU Business School


Dragon’s Den 2024: Fostering Entrepreneurial Excellence at DCU Business School


Dragons’ Den serves as a capstone module within the curriculum of our Business School, embodying the culmination of students’ academic journey and entrepreneurial aspirations.  This year, on the third floor of Dublin City University’s Business School, the Dragon’s Den emerged as the culminating showdown of months of rigorous preparation, innovative ideation, and unwavering entrepreneurial fervor among nearly 300 final-year students.

The event served as a testament to the collective endeavour undertaken by students studying Business at DCU.   Under the rubric of the New Enterprise Development (NED) module, participants embarked on a comprehensive journey encompassing ideation, feasibility analysis, digital marketing, financial planning, and the meticulous crafting of business plans.

The breadth and depth of the concepts presented were nothing short of commendable. Ranging from pragmatic solutions such as ‘Orange Out,’ a makeup stain removal kit, to ‘due2grow,’ a pioneering seed germination test aimed at bolstering sustainable agricultural practices, students exhibited a keen acumen for identifying market gaps and capitalizing on emerging trends. Whether it be the conceptualization of a bespoke plaster dispenser tailored for the hospitality sector, a cutting-edge safety apparatus designed to detect distress signals at sea, or innovative washing machine sleeves engineered to mitigate microplastic pollution, each proposal underscored the students’ ingenuity and resourcefulness.

As the academic term neared its conclusion, participants were afforded the opportunity to present their ventures before a distinguished panel of industry experts comprising of DCU Alumni and DCU Industry partners, colloquially referred to as the ‘dragons.’ Comprising representatives from esteemed enterprises such as Google, eShopWorld, Circet, Morgan McKinley, and PeachyLean, the adjudicatory body wielded considerable influence, thereby heightening the atmosphere at the occasion. Despite the palpable tension permeating the boardroom, students approached the podium with poise and conviction, delivering succinct, compelling pitches within the allotted seven-minute window.

The ensuing deliberations were marked by a spirit of discerning inquiry, as dragons scrutinized each presentation with precision, offering cogent feedback and incisive critiques. For the participants, the experience proved transformative, instilling a profound sense of accomplishment and self-assurance. The palpable elation witnessed upon exiting the boardroom—manifested through smiles, congratulatory gestures, and effusive expressions of relief—attested not only to the successful navigation of the presentation but also to the burgeoning realisation of their entrepreneurial potential.

Looking back, the Dragon’s Den stands as a testament to the potency of innovation, tenacity, and collective effort. As we contemplate the remarkable achievements of this year’s event, we do so with deep pride in our students’ accomplishments and a keen anticipation of the profound influence they are primed to exert on the business landscape.

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