AT&T and Comcast Partner with 5G Open Innovation Lab to Foster Startup Development


AT&T and Comcast have joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab as founding partners, pledging to support the development of startups focused on harnessing the capabilities of 5G wireless technology. The Lab aims to bring together companies that would typically be competitors in order to explore new ways to utilize 5G technology. According to Frost & Sullivan, 5G is growing rapidly, with an estimated 3 billion people expected to have access to it2026. Despite not yet having a “killer app,” consumers are embracing 5G and seeking a better understanding of its potential.

Jim Brisimitzis, founder and general partner of the Lab, expressed excitement about the partnerships with AT&T and Comcast, stating that their involvement will help drive innovation across overlapping ecosystems. Both AT&T and Comcast stand to benefit from their participation as well. AT&T has been at the forefront of 5G technology, being one of the first carriers to launch a 5G network, while Comcast has ventured into the wireless business through partnerships and has advocated for small network build-outs to improve coverage for customers.

AT&T and Comcast have actively been engaged in various initiatives in the wireless sector. AT&T announced the addition of thousands of new customers daily to its standalone 5G network and its Internet Air service, which provides home broadband in select markets. Comcast, on the other hand, has agreed to sell its 600MHz spectrum holdings to T-Mobile and has considered building its own mobile network within its cable footprint.

Other founding partners of the Lab include Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Deloitte, and Nokia. Through collaboration with startups and established companies alike, the Lab aims to push the industry forwardembracing new ideas and challenging existing ones in order to unlock the full potential of 5G technology.


– Frost & Sullivan – Business consulting firm specializing in market research and analysis.
– AT&T – Telecommunications company providing various services, including wireless network solutions.
– Comcast – Telecommunications conglomerate with investments in cable, internet, and wireless services.
– 5G Open Innovation Lab – Organization dedicated to fostering innovation and investment in 5G technology.
– T-Mobile – Telecommunications company offering wireless services.


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