Angel Bosch: A Beacon of Innovation and Leadership in Florida’s Medical Society


By Daniel Casciato

In the heart of Miami, Angel Bosch has emerged as a paradigm of resilience, innovation, and leadership. Recently elected Chair of the Conference of Florida Medical Society Executives (CFMSE) and appointed to the Florida Medical Association (FMA), his story is an exemplary chronicle of a vision coming to fruition.

A Puerto Rican native, Bosch’s journey began amidst the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017. The harrowing five-month experience without power, as he describes, compelled him to seek a new horizon. Florida became that beacon of hope. “After living close to 5 months without power we took the painful decision of starting a new adventure in Miami,” Bosch reminisces.

He began his Florida journey with Cobbe Consulting and Management (CCM) in 2018 and soon took the reins of the Dade County Medical Association (DCMA). The following year, he further expanded his managerial repertoire by overseeing the Miami Orthopaedic Society (MOS). These accomplishments weren’t just professional milestones; they broke historical barriers as Bosch became the first Hispanic, specifically Puerto Rican, to hold these positions.

What sets Bosch apart? His bilingual proficiency, he believes, adds an edge, especially in a locale where Spanish is predominant.

“We have to take in consideration that in Miami 67% of the people speaks Spanish and less that 30% speaks only English,” he says, underscoring his unique vantage point. “In CFMSE’s case, my nature and origins will help broaden the perspective of my colleagues across the state as well as in the FMA, especially these days when people are talking about inclusion, equity and diversity.”

This linguistic competence, married to his Hispanic-American dual perspective, holds promise for fostering inclusion, equity, and diversity in the CFMSE and FMA.

In his inaugural speech, Bosch laid out a clear vision: Education, Advocacy, and Financial Stability.

Education: Bosch believes in harnessing the power of technology and artificial intelligence to bridge generational gaps within the medical community. By equipping members with tools to cope with rapid advancements and challenges, such as burnout, Bosch aspires for CFMSE to be a beacon of support and knowledge.

Advocacy: Bosch underscores the need for CFMSE to be proactive in voicing its members’ concerns, ensuring that the medical community is represented and heard, especially in matters related to healthcare policies. “CFMSE has to be part of the solution to be relevant,” Bosch states emphatically.

Financial Stability: Recognizing the necessity of external partnerships, Bosch envisages forging win-win alliances that would reinforce the organization’s fiscal standing while reciprocating benefits.

Bosch has also emphasized the importance of addressing generational gaps, artificial Intelligence, and emotional intelligence.

“We have to emphasize education at all levels, not just the technical aspects of the business such as payroll, accounting, and membership,” he says. “We need to fill the gaps that the different generations have within the same groups. Among our members we have physicians in different cohort groups. As Medical Society Execs, we have to know how to deal with that in order to recruit and retain members.”

Bosch also explains the importance of knowing about the latest in technology to help members to deal with all the changes in treatments and procedures (medical and administrative processes).

“With the growth of technological advances, we have to support our members with tools—education in emotional intelligence or how to deal with burnout—that can help them to cope with changes, among others. We have to do that in order to be relevant to our actual and future members.”

Bosch’s past roles provide a rich tapestry of experience to draw from. His 9-year stint as the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Orthopaedic Society (SPOT) furnished him with an in-depth understanding of organized medicine, while his entrepreneurial venture, A Planners—a Public Relations, lobbying, and event planning small business—honed his business acumen.

“Thanks to the business relations I developed during my time with SPOT, I got the opportunity of working in Miami,” he says. “That experience provided me with the experience and know-how of working with physicians in the organized medicine environment.”

Having his own PR shop helped develop his skills in managing a business and further develop his leadership skills, Bosch notes.

“Being part of Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce during a period of 7 years as an employee gave me perspective and the experience to see the benefits of joining the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce at the Board level and its Government Affairs and Healthcare Committees,” he says.

Perhaps the cornerstone of Bosch’s leadership philosophy is collaboration. Echoing Dr. Carmel Barrau’s sentiments at the FMA Annual Meeting, Bosch champions active participation and engagement. “Your participation and engagement remain crucial to the success of our organization,” he says, challenging every CFMSE member to amplify the society’s strength by attracting new members and sponsors.

Moreover, his inclusion in the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and its Government Affairs and Healthcare Committees underscores his commitment to strengthening the symbiosis between healthcare and governance. Bosch’s journey from Puerto Rico, through the harrowing aftermath of Hurricane Maria, to Florida’s medical leadership echelons is a testament to his resilience, innovation, and vision. As he steers CFMSE and FMA into the future, the medical community awaits transformative change.


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