5 Companies With Leadership Development Programs


Leadership development provides professionals with coursework, practical experiences and coaching that prepares them to become leaders at work. It can involve serving as a manager, leading collaborative projects, participating in conferences and other formal learning and spending time with current company leadership. The companies below offer leadership development programs meant to empower employees to step up as capable team leaders.

Companies With Leadership Development Programs

  • Amazon
  • Marriott
  • Unilever
  • Schneider Electric
  • Rapid7


Companies With Leadership Development Programs

E-commerce giant Amazon created the Amazon Pathways program to give MBA or other master’s level graduates as well as former military leaders a chance to develop the skills and experience to become Amazon managers and directors. The program lasts five years and lets participants take on challenges such as leading large teams and optimizing operations processes.

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Hospitality company Marriott operates more than 30 brands with thousands of hotels and resorts across the globe. Through the Voyage Global Leadership Program, Marriott lets young professionals work with and learn from company leadership while gaining hands-on experience in a range of departments.


Unilever is the parent company responsible for more than 400 brands, including household staples like Dove and Hellman’s. The Unilever Future Leaders Programme lasts approximately three years, giving participants the chance to work with a career sponsor as they handle multiple positions across departments and collaborate internationally to develop their leadership skills and further their career goals. To qualify, applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree.


Schneider Electric specializes in developing technology and automation solutions for energy management. The company offers multiple programs designed to help employees advance in their careers. Among them is the Leadership Development Program that allows workers to experience three different job rotations over three years while also taking advantage of mentorship opportunities.

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Rapid7’s cybersecurity platform provides continuous threat monitoring, vulnerability management, cloud security and other capabilities to protect customers from cyber attacks. The company offers a variety of career development opportunities for its employees, including Manager Bootcamp and New Moose Leadership Training.


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