10 inspiring leaders and their impactful business ventures


In a time when entrepreneurship is shaping the future, these ten inspiring leaders are making a big impact with their businesses. Each one has created a unique path, contributing to areas like technology, jewelry, law, and more. These entrepreneurs show resilience, innovation, and vision, highlighting not only their professional success but also their dedication to making a positive difference in society. Their businesses drive growth and bring positive change to their communities. Join us as we explore the journeys of these remarkable individuals and see how their innovative ideas are changing the world for the better.

Abhishek Gami
Abhishek Gami, fondly known as “The Tungsten King of India,” epitomizes entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. At just 23, he founded United Wolfram, now India’s largest tungsten plant. His journey further ascended in 2019 when he acquired Rapicut Carbides Ltd, a trusted tungsten carbide manufacturer established in 1977, becoming the youngest promoter and Managing Director of a BSE-listed company at 30. Gami’s entrepreneurial path began at 20 during his college days, driven by a vision to create something remarkable. His achievements have earned him invitations to prestigious BRICS and G20 Summits, where he has interacted with global leaders, including the Prime Minister.

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma founded The Lexicon Group in 2006, transforming it from a small book distribution venture into a dynamic conglomerate. Starting as a recent graduate with heavy bags on a bike, Pankaj’s vision led to the creation of a diverse organisation impacting multiple sectors. The Lexicon Group spans across education, hospitality, fitness, journalism, law, research, and skincare, with renowned brands like The Lexicon Schools, Pune Mirror, Multifit, Lexicon IHM, Lexicon Kids, and Educrack. Driven by integrity, innovation, and transparency, Pankaj’s relentless pursuit of breaking barriers empowers society and fosters holistic growth.

Inspiring Leaders and their impactful business ventures

Mrinal Choudhury
Mrinal Choudhury from Kolkata is a seasoned corporate trainer, motivational speaker, mentor, and ICF-certified empowerment coach. He has helped numerous corporations achieve financial growth by enhancing individual performance. Known for blending science and spirituality, Mrinal’s insights are industry-acclaimed. His debut book, “The Happiness Hunt,” advocates for unbridled happiness amidst life’s challenges. With a profound understanding of spirituality beyond religious and atheistic viewpoints, he addresses internal and external conflicts, empowering individuals to take charge of their lives. His deep emotional connection with audiences and transformative, actionable takeaways make him an invaluable speaker for any event.

Sanjana Mohan
Sanjana Mohan, a visionary leader and a seasoned business professional, has held prominent positions at ABN AMRO, NIIT, DreamWork Media and Entertainment, ITV Network, NewsX, India News, and Sunday Guardian. She interviewed Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia. As CEO of Stimulus Research Services, she bridges the gap between SMEs and large enterprises, helping over 400 corporates streamline processes and enhance customer experience. With her expertise in digital transformation, Sanjana drives industry-wide innovation, resilience, and excellence. Stimulus, known for bespoke research solutions, is expanding with the FOCO model, starting in Chandigarh, to empower local entrepreneurs and broaden its reach.

Sambhav Karnawat
Sambhav Karnawat, a 4th generation jeweler and IIT Kanpur alumnus, founded Jewelove, now India’s leading platinum jewelry brand. Specializing in platinum love bands, kadas, chains, and bracelets, Jewelove offers a wide array of customized platinum jewelry for men, women, and couples. Each piece is crafted from 95% pure platinum, hallmarked for Pt 950, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Platinum Guild International (PGI). Jewelove has become synonymous with platinum jewelry in India, reflecting Sambhav’s legacy and commitment to excellence.

Advocate Vishrut Relan
Advocate Vishrut Relan, founder of Relan’s Legal, leads a multi-practice law firm with over five years of experience in legal practice and business consultancy. He holds a BBA.LL.B (H), LL.M in Corporate Law, and multiple specialized diplomas. Recognized among India’s Brightest Talents for 2023 (40 under 40 by The Indian Alert) and awarded Best Corporate and Banking Lawyer at the 2024 National Business Awards, Vishrut is dedicated to offering affordable legal services nationwide. His firm, which employs tech-based protocols for efficiency, specializes in services for startups and business ventures. Committed to accessibility, Vishrut also provides pro bono services to the underprivileged.

Vaibhav Kothari
Vaibhav Kothari, founder of OMVAI.in, leads a global e-commerce brand specializing in handcrafted pashmina shawls and fashion products. With a decade of entrepreneurial experience and three US degrees (BSc in Industrial Engineering, MSc in Entrepreneurship, and MBA), Kothari has achieved remarkable success despite being Deaf. Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), he enriches both his professional and personal life. Kothari hosts “The OMVAI Talk Show,” interviewing over 40 leaders and celebrities in ASL. Passionate about spirituality, creativity, and social impact, he co-produced the award-winning theater production “Not Another Deaf Story” and is working on two upcoming films, “OM” and “The Burning Man.”

Divay Chadha
Divay Chadha is the co-founder of Growup Technologies, a leader in virtual staffing and remote work solutions. With a background in business management, Divay has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success. His leadership emphasizes adaptability, continuous learning, and a customer-centric approach, enabling Growup Technologies to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Divay is known for his strategic vision and ability to anticipate market trends, positioning the company as a forward-thinking enterprise.

Adesh Manocha
Adesh Manocha, founder of Clikzop Innovations Pvt Ltd in Chandigarh, is a distinguished figure in software development for the MSME sector. Launching his entrepreneurial journey in 2021 after a successful marketing career, Manocha identified the unique challenges MSMEs face. This led to the creation of specialized software solutions like Leads Expertz, Sales Expertz, Inventory Expertz, Service Expertz, and Wellness Expertz. These innovations streamline processes and enhance efficiency for small and medium-sized enterprises. Honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year award, Manocha’s commitment to empowering MSMEs digitally has extended his impact from the tricity to metropolitan areas like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Akshay Vohra
Akshay Vohra, with eight years of experience in PR and ORM, is the founder of The Blind Spot Media, a premier ORM and PR agency in India. Established in 2020, The Blind Spot Media specializes in combating negative online publicity and enhancing client reputations. With over 100 clients, the agency executes successful reputation management and image-building campaigns using strategic press releases, media interactions, and authored articles. Their comprehensive approach mitigates negative publicity and establishes a strong, positive presence in the media landscape. Known for excellence and innovation, The Blind Spot Media has earned a stellar reputation, helping businesses thrive across Pan India.

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